Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at AIMS

Since 2014, the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program has supported 30% of admitted students at AIMS, with beneficiaries from over 30 African countries. Through transformative leadership and unique opportunities for personal development and public engagement, the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program supports the education of young, brilliant Africans, while strengthening their sense of responsibility to give-back to the continent.

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In November 2014, AIMS partnered with the Mastercard Foundation to support 30% of all admitted students (predominantly women) at AIMS from 2014 to 2021. Mastercard Foundation Scholars at AIMS are selected based on academic excellence, socio-economic background, leadership potential and their commitment to:

  • Give-back to their communities;
  • Fully participate in training and outreach opportunities, fashioned to reinforce their leadership skills and lead the positive transformation of their communities and the African continent. 

The AIMS Theory of change posits that if Africa wants its students to thrive in an increasingly complex, unpredictable world, significant focus must be out on increasing educational achievement.

World-renowned training to enhance collaboration between AIMS and industry through relevant curricula, the provision of professional work placements, mentorship and career opportunities, equipping students for meaningful employment, while providing technical expertise to employers.

Building the STEM pipeline through a holistic approach that takes into account service delivery, partnerships and the strengthening of policies. Launched through AIMS Cameroon and three Higher Teacher Training Colleges (HTTCs) within the Ministry of Higher Education, the Teacher Training Program is increasing the transition of boys and girls to higher levels of STEM education.

Building social responsibility in AIMS Scholars through mandatory community service (at least 20 hours per year). To access any Mastercard Foundation post-AIMS opportunities, alumni must demonstrate a commitment to give back to the continent through social engagement with their communities.


Visit www.nexteinstein.org and apply to become a student at one of our five centres. Successful candidates are considered for the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program.

Mastercard Foundation Scholars at AIMS receive a comprehensive scholarship equivalent to the costs associated with earning a Master’s degree at AIMS, which includes travel, tuition, accommodation, food and a monthly stipend.

No. Given the fact that all AIMS students benefit from full scholarships, Mastercard Foundation Scholars at AIMS do not receive an extra stipend. However, we specify that their training is supported by The Foundation.

  • AIMS Mastercard Foundation Scholars are required to lead give-back or community service activities at the centres. The Scholars are expected to propose community engagement ideas and work with the rest of the student body to implement them.
  • Develop an annual work plan of Scholars Council activities.

  • A comprehensive scholarship which covers tuition, accommodation, food and a monthly stipend.
  • Access to the Mastercard Foundation Baobab Platform. The platform provides opportunities for networking with other Scholars and mentors, with opportunities for personal development through online courses. 
  • An opportunity to attend the Mastercard Foundation Baobab Summit: centres coordinate the competitive or administrative selection of participants.
  • Eligibility for the Scholars’ Research Fund, an initiative launched to support Scholar-led research that will produce quality knowledge to inform the implementation of the Scholars Program as well as its expansion and evolution in line with the Young Africa Works strategy. 
  • Eligibility for the Mastercard Foundation Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fund. The MCF-SIEF brings together Mastercard Foundation Scholars, alumni and other AIMS Scholars and alumni to learn how Design Thinking works and how to apply it to real-world challenges. Selected participants will work on a specific design challenge in one of the following broad areas: improving existing livelihoods; enabling diversification of income; or creating dignified and fulfilling work (jobs).
  • Eligibility for the Mastercard Foundation NEF Volunteers Program. Selected Mastercard Foundation Scholars from AIMS and other Mastercard Foundation partner institutions get a unique opportunity for networking and transformative leadership by attending the Next Einstein Forum Global Gathering. Mastercard Foundation NEF Volunteers serve as rapporteurs for the scientific biennial and their reports support policy work at the NEF. 
  • Belonging to a strong a global community of Mastercard Foundation Scholars. Mastercard Foundation alumni will join their counterparts from other partner institutions to form a network of scholars where they will forge a common identity, meet and exchange ideas with their peers and connect via social media